Collecting payment in advance for events

Sometimes, it is necessary for the organiser has to collect reservation fees before the actual events. He needs to put down a payment for reserving the place after all... 

With International Friends events, this is possible and not a problem. Here we explain to you how to set up an event where the users have to pay to reserve themselves a place.

_Click on the EVENTS, and then CREATE EVENT.

_Fill out the form


_Some new fields will open which will allow you to input your bank details. These will be used to transfer the money that the registrants have paid to you once the event has been completed. International Friends charges a fee of 5% of the price. This will be automatically added to the price that the registrant pays—the organizer will not have to pay that fee.

_The registrant registers for the event and pays. The money gets collected by International Friends and held in our accounts.

_After a maximum of two hours after the event has finished, the registrants will get an email and/or a push notification on the app where they are requested to confirm that they attended the event. IT LIES WITHIN THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE ORGANISER TO MAKE SURE THAT THE PARTICIPANTS OF AN EVENT CONFIRM THAT THEY HAVE ATTENDED.

_Once the attendants have confirmed that the event has happened, the organizer will be informed and the money collected from all the participants (even those who did not attend) will be transferred to the organizer's account stated during event creation.

Using this functionality can be very practical for the organisers as it greatly reduces their risk when organising an event. Please note that using this functionality also reduces the amount of people that may come to an event, so use this function with care.